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Did you get along with him and his dad, Mel? Did they know you're gay? Oh, yes, we got along. And my mom told them I'm gay on the first day! They were pegged as the gay team, but your sexual orientation was never mentioned. Did the producers tell you to tone down any discussion of being gay? No, they actually let me talk about it, but I guess that all got cut. I suppose they didn't want to muddle things by giving me two labels -- deaf and gay -- so Mel and Mike had their gay story line, and I had my deaf story line.

A lot of people have told me they wished I had had a "gay and deaf" story line, because there aren't many deaf gays on TV. It didn't really bother me, though. I just thought it was funny watching people try to figure out whether I was gay or straight! And apparently Kisha is lesbian, and that certainly never came up. Yeah, I was surprised to find that out. Who were your best friends on the show? Cara and Jaime -- I adore them to death!

We formed an alliance on day 1. They were the team I could trust the most. They opened up to me right away, writing notes to me and learning some signs and how to finger-spell.

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I really appreciated the effort they made to communicate with me. It's just amazing that we managed to carry our alliance until the end.

Margie & Luke

Did anyone else attempt to learn how to finger-spell? Victor and Tammy did, and so did Mike White. Which was your favorite challenge? And least favorite?

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I had two favorites: Both were physical challenges that Mom and I excelled at. The cheese challenge was a lot more grueling than it looked on TV, because the hill was so steep and slippery from all the mud and cow poop. We really made up a lot of time on the pig challenge, blowing past Victor and Tammy and Cara and Jaime.

Plus, since we used to live in Hawaii, we'd been to lots of luaus and knew how to properly bury the pig.


My least favorite was the makeup challenge at the opera house. I had no idea how to apply makeup on my mom!

Margie & Luke

You seemed to really relish the bungee jump in the first episode. That was the equivalent of falling 70 stories! That was awesome! I'd love to do it again. I did have a few problems with the bungee cord, though, because the rope they sent down to clip to the cord got all tangled up, and it really took me a while to untangle it. But I came back up in one piece! What were your favorite destinations? I loved Switzerland -- it was really beautiful. And Guilan, China, was awe-inspiring. I'd love to go back there. Mom and I really enjoyed Bangkok too -- we took a boat ride that really gave us a chance to kick back and relax.

My least favorite would have to be Siberia -- it was so isolated and freezing! But the people were super friendly. You were visibly moved to tears by the poverty you witnessed in India. Tell me about that experience.

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I never thought in a million years that I would get a chance to visit India. And while I've seen that kind of poverty on TV, the depth of it didn't really hit me until we were there.

It was really hard for me emotionally to see little kids literally fighting for their survival on the streets and eating garbage. While we were stopped at a red light, a little girl came up to our cab and tried to sell us a newspaper. She was really dirty and her little green dress was all tattered, but she just smiled at me like everything was OK.

Kids don't deserve that. It really made me realize how lucky I am to have the life I have and a roof over my head.

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Did you ever have any free time for sightseeing or come across any gay bars in your travels? Other than that, though, we didn't have much time to explore. Do you think the special communication between you and your mom gave you an advantage on the show? It was a huge advantage for us. Also, since we were unable to talk -- or bicker! Plus, where many of the teams couldn't communicate with the locals because of the language difference, I could use gestures to tell them where we needed to go. I exercise pretty regularly, not too extreme or anything like that.

I run two or three miles a couple times a week, I go to the gym a couple times a week. I just try to take care of myself. The Colorado lifestyle lends itself to being healthy. There are so many beautiful places to hike. Was it the rickshaw challenge? The makeup challenge! I have no skill for how to put makeup on. And it was frustrating for me because he did such a horrible job and made me look so horrible, that… [laughs] You know what? The rickshaw challenge when I fainted, that was supposed to be a two mile run, but Luke and I got lost with the help of some British tourists who told us to go to the wrong place, so we ended up going five miles that day.

It was the mental things like the Chekov puzzle that gave us a little more of a challenge.

What was your favorite challenge? Carrying the pig and the cheese hill. The first challenge and the last challenge. Those were the favorites for me, too. It was just awesome to be back there. Do you regret the fight with Kisha and Jen?

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Have you guys made up or is there still some animosity there? We totally regret… LA: Maybe a little awkward. There were a lot of misunderstandings, a lot of hurt feelings. We were exhausted.