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Welcome to RealJock. Hang out with the best gay men on the web. You can search, email, chat, video chat, and more with other gay men for free. Join Today! About Me: A warm caring man who is open-minded. Somebody who is able to allow me my own space but enjoys intimacy too. I enjoy interesting conversation and would love to share mutually pleasurable experiences and perhaps try some new ones too. Don't like to be too narrow in my ideal as variety is always welcom Gay dating apps such as Grindr or Scruff are blocked in Lebanon.

On the face of it, gay life in Lebanon is hard because homosexuality is a criminal offence. On the positive, there is a growing movement to decriminalise homosexuality in Lebanon on a political and legal level. Since , judges have interpreted Article to apply to homosexuality.

Today, more and more judges in Lebanon are arguing that Article does not apply to homosexuals, which is paving the way for decriminalisation. The most recent ruling was from the Mount Lebanon Appeals Court in July , which was also the highest court in Lebanon to date to advocate for decriminalisation. For an Arab country to have politicians and judges openly promoting LGBTQ rights is certainly a powerful and strong message, and one big fabulous step in the right direction! But the good news does come with the sting of reality. This is still an Arabic country with powerful and influential religious sects who pressure the government to crackdown on the LGBTQ community, as was evident from the suspension of the Beirut Pride.

Very much so: Lebanon has a handful of gay bars and clubs. For more check out our gay travel guide to Beirut setting out the best gay bars, clubs, events, hotels to stay and things to do.

Sadly both were suspended due to the intervention by the influential religious secs. Check their Facebook page and Twitter for the latest news about the next Beirut Pride event. One of the most famous gay celebrities of Lebanese origin is one of our favourite singers — Mika. When his band performed at a concert in Egypt to 35, people in September , some of their fans displayed rainbow flags. Mashrou' Leila were subsequently banned from Egypt and homophobic rumours circled online that their concert had been a 35,person orgy!

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Sadly we did find a handful of hotels in Lebanon who clearly were not comfortable with the idea of having openly gay guests. The hotels we found in Lebanon which were open and welcoming to us as a gay couple was the Le Vendome , the Phoenicia hotel and the gay owned Casi Cielo Bed and Breakfast. For more about the best gay friendly hotels to stay check out our gay guide to Beirut.

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During our visit, Grindr and Scruff worked absolutely fine and were invaluable tools for connecting with the local gay community. We were told that we are banned from Lebanon, we should not have been allowed to enter and would never be allowed to come back, with no reason given! After investigating with the different Embassies, we still have no idea why both of our names were blacklisted.

Gay Lebanon: is it safe for gay travellers?

Whilst it could be due to an unfortunate coincidence, the only plausible explanation for both our names to have raised alarm bells is due to our very gay public presence online, whether it was from Instagram, Grindr, Facebook or this website. We may never find out the reason why, but as a result, we definitely advise erring on the side of caution by taking extra care with what you post online before and during your trip.

In particular, avoid posting anything gay related or just change your social media settings to private. By comparison to other Arabic countries, Lebanon is gay friendly, progressive and very liberal. For the most part, you will be absolutely fine in Lebanon as long as you are prepared to take a step back into the closet by, for example, avoiding public displays of affection, being careful with who you meet on Grindr and taking extra care with what you post online. It's amazing that something like this exists in an Arab country.

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