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The Next Mamma Mia! Should Give Colin Firth the Gay Love Story He Deserves | Vanity Fair

The fit is nothing like as perfect as in his later work but, as this production reminds us, the promise is palpably there. It is significant that the play first appeared in the same year as The Real Thing.

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Tony, an aspiring writer, and Greg, an American academic, have settled into a comfortable, quasi-monogamous relationship after cohabiting for five years. Their lives are disrupted when they hire a young cleaner, an out-of-work actor named Robert.

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His every move seems to infuriate Greg, whose jokes he tactlessly caps during a disastrous dinner party, while Tony shamelessly flirts with this Adonis-like houseboy. Unsurprisingly, it is Robert who drives a wedge between the long-term lovers.


Elyot frequently falls back on the stock devices of the traditional West End play. One of the lovers unexpectedly returns from a weekend away to discover his partner in flagrante. Elyot also introduces a flamboyant neighbour, William, whose purpose seems to be to provide comic relief — until he gets beaten up by a piece of rough trade. But what Elyot captures well is the contest between emotional commitment and sexual freedom.

He suggests that Tony and Greg, while enjoying one-night stands, are bound together by custom, shared interests and unspoken love: The performances are mostly good. The sequel, however, finds him still single, 10 or. When asked during a business meeting if he has any family, Harry wistfully replies that he has a daughter.

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Perhaps Harry has voluntarily chosen singledom; either way, as a moment later in the film—in which he ties himself to a chair winkingly—implies, Harry might get into a little light bondage in his spare time. Also, those who stick around for the after-credits scene will know that Harry has at least one more admirer in this film as well—whether or not he reciprocates that affection. By the end of Mamma Mia!

Here We Go Again, basically everyone else is paired off. As the security guard on the docks notes, age becomes him—like a fine wine or cheese.

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Harry is handsome, intelligent, kind, well-off—and, most importantly, one degree of separation from Cher. Vanity Fair.