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I'm not sure what your financial situation is, but maybe do a trial membership at one of the local gyms. Gradually you will find your niche. There will be lots of discouragement along the way, I'm sure, as there was for me. But just focus on your life, and recognize opportunities where maybe you can come out of your shell a bit. Last edited by thc; Nov 7, 10 at Find More Posts by thc. Nov 7, 10, 1: Don't waste your time looking. Spend your time living. Do the things that you enjoy and make yourself someone whom others will want to "catch". What do you enjoy?

Street Fairs? Frankly, you aren't going to find many year-olds that have "their lives together" in any city. Most guys don't even get through college by that age. For many, 22 is still the age of beer pong, futon-sleeping, and video games not that any of those are necessarily bad things. If your goal at Age 22 is to meet Mr Right, settle down, get married, and live the next 50 years in blissful love, all before you turn Age 23, you may have a slightly unrealistic goal.

Last edited by RobertTheTraveler; Nov 7, 10 at 1: Nov 7, 10, 2: Have a look around for gay social clubs to join if you are interested in meeting others.

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I hate meeting people at bars where they play music to loud to facilitate a sensible conversion. Groups like the New York Gay Men's Chorus draw membership from a range of diverse backgrounds and number around ? It is whether their rehearsal hours fits in yours. There are loads of other groups to consider. Visit KenJohn's homepage! Find More Posts by KenJohn. Nov 7, 10, 4: TrollSlayer Mega Diamond.

I agree with thc. Happenchance meetings are much easier when you do that. A constant search won't do anything but stress yourself out. I've been Happily partnered since I was 20 but I'm just wired that way others on here are happy to not be partnered.

Here's a look at some Gay Social Networking groups near New York.

Find More Posts by Vuelos. Nov 7, 10, 7: What the last three posters said. The streets of Manhattan are literally paved with gay guys - seriously. Agree on bars - fun for hanging out, but not the best basis for long term friendships or dating. We are joiners - there is an interest group for everyone. And most importantly, pay attention to what you put into the world - or as Robert said - "spend your time living" - you'll be amazed at what you attract with an open heart and a positive attitude. Find More Posts by ebayj.

Gay Social Networking groups in New York

Nov 7, 10, 8: Thanks for the thoughtful responses, everyone. Definitely saw some good ideas in there and will look into joining one of these organizations. I also welcome additional suggestions. I didn't mean having "their lives together" as being employed in a certain profession or earning a certain income.

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I just meant having an idea of what they want to do in life and working on getting there. But Robert might be right Nov 7, 10, Gay French Conversation. Gay French Conversation Bons Vivants.

Gay Men's Over 40 Hiking Group. Unity Pride: Gay Men's Spirituality Group. Out With The Gay Girls. In The Company of Men: Gay NYC. Gay Upper West Side. NYC Gay Introverts. NYC Gay Filmmakers. New Gay Friends. New Gay Friends 3, Members. The LOFT: Rainbow Tango. Gay Men's Travel and Massage. NYC Gay Photographers. NYC Gay Photographers 1, photographers.

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Gay Single Self-Employed Guys. Gay Italian Community. Gay Italian Community People who love Italy. As the needs of our community evolve, we work to make sure that you have the support, services and resources needed to enhance and maintain your quality of life.

Visit Health. For as many ways as you can define family, The Center is here to provide support. From relationships to parenthood, we can guide and connect you throughout your journey. Visit Family. Whether you are exploring coming out, looking to connect with other LGBTQ young people or want to take advantage of opportunities to prepare for your future, The Center provides services and programs specifically for LGBTQ young people.

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Visit Youth. Our career development programs are tailored to the unique needs of LGBT job-seekers.

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Visit Career Services. Your attendance and support helps make our work possible and furthers the connection that you have with the community. Find the ideal event and meeting space at The Center! Our Resource Center is a comprehensive guide connecting you to a wide range of personal resources and professional opportunities.

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From insurance enrollment to program-specific resource areas such as Recovery, Wellness, Family and Youth, find a compilation of LGBT-focused organizations and opportunities to connect. Visit General Resources. For professionals looking for internship opportunities with The Center to those looking to further their understanding of the LGBT community, find resources designed to enhance your professional experience.

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